Jayne and Sarah
Art of Interaction is a collaboration between Jayne Cooper, painter, and Sarah Villeneau, ceramicist. Art of Interaction developed organically through the realisation that Jayne and Sarah were two halves of the same brain. Their ambition is to work together, creating shared projects and generating a dialogue around studio practice with challenge, stimulation and viability at its core. The Sow’s Ear, The Piggery, 10 Cooper’s Terrace, Doncaster is Art of Interaction’s headquarters. It is a purpose-built multi-functional visual artspace serving as both a gallery and a workshop. Easily accessible from Doncaster Town Centre, The Sow’s Ear offers an intimate space for artists to showcase contemporary artwork. as part of a scheduled series of exhibitions. In between showcasing events, Art of Interaction will use the space for the delivery of their hands-on practical courses.